MicroFiber Cloth – MicronQuick 15″x 16″ – Red

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MicronQuick is manufactured by using a uniquely fine microfibre – probably the finest split microfibres on the market. Compared to existing fibres, each MicronFibre has been split up into 32 segments.This means considerable advantages, in all kinds of applications: Superior cleaning Performance. Up to 99.99 % bacteria removal. 25% improved cleaning performance. Streak-free cleaning, no water residue left on the surface. Lint free. Improved wear resistance. Easy to wring out and rinse. MicronQuick has a very low friction action, which improves ergonomics, plus the streak-free result means faster cleaning and easier handling. Due to the cloth´s low volume, laundering costs are optimized and this combined with several hundred washing cycles means lower overall costs. MicronQuick is colour coded for maximum Hygiene.


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