Mop Flat – 18″ Dry/Wet Microfibre (Eurow)


For dry or wet use, 18 Inch CleanAide® Coral Weave Microfiber Mop Pad with Poly Stripe, available in three vibrant colors: blue, red and yellow. Use dry to collect dirt and dust. When used wet, the Polyacrylonitrile stripe removes dirt, grime, and smudges from hard surfaces. CleanAide® mop pads don’t require the use of chemicals, resulting in an eco-friendly cleaning experience. Durable and resilient, this pad can be washed and reused with no problems or loss of cleaning power. Easily and firmly attaches to any 18 Inch mop plate using a hook and loop system, but best used with a CleanAide® 18 Inch aluminum mop plate, sold separately.


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