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Mosquito Carpet Spotter

When you need to tackle small cleaning jobs where there’s ground-in dirt or stains, you can trust the power and simplicity of Mosquito’s Carpet Spotter and Extractor. Carpet spotters are an essential piece of cleaning equipment for busy facilities that experience high foot traffic. The compact and convenient design makes it easy to clean small areas without interruption.

Mosquito has been a leading name in building innovative cleaning equipment for over 20 years. Their mission is to continue to be on the cutting edge of quality, simplicity, durability, technology, and performance. Mosquito Carpet Spotters are built to last with hardwearing features such as:

  • Sealed marine-grade bearings
  • Epoxy-coated vacuum fans
  • Stainless steel latches
  • Pumps with chemically-resistant Viton seals
  • Noise-diffusing exhaust

All Mosquito Carpet Spotters come with a Lifetime Warranty on the Body and a 1-Year Warranty on the pump and motor.

Clean Spot is a proud distributor of Mosquito cleaning equipment. When you need quality industrial cleaning supplies in Calgary or Edmonton, contact us at Clean Spot. We strive to make cleaning simple by providing innovative products and the right solutions for your facility combined with exceptional customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a carpet spotter work?

A carpet spotter uses pressure, water, suction, and heat (depending on the model of the machine) to extract dirt and stains that are deeply embedded into the carpet or upholstery. The soiled water is collected into a separate tank and emptied.

Should I choose a carpet spotter that uses heat or no heat?

The use of heat is not crucial, but dirt and stains dissolve better with hot water and are easier to extract with a heated carpet spotter.

Why use a carpet spotter vs a large extractor?

When a small area of the carpet is stained or dirtied, a carpet spotter is a handy tool to get the stain or dirt out quickly. While a large carpet extractor can certainly get the job done, it’s not necessary to use a large piece of equipment when tackling a smaller cleaning job. Furthermore, using a large extractor may cause business interruptions which can be avoided with a smaller machine that is just as powerful.

How do I choose the right type of carpet cleaning equipment for my business?

When shopping for the right type of carpet cleaning equipment, consider the size of the carpeted space, how often you’ll need to clean it, and the amount of foot traffic going through the space. Many facility managers choose to purchase both a small carpet spotter for quick cleans and a larger extractor for the occasional deep cleaning.