Alpha Brush Kit – Standard Size

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The Tucker Alpha brush is the pinnacle of Water Fed brushes and can be added to any Tucker brush for Carbon Fiber Poles. It includes the over the top rinse bar as well as the swiveling gooseneck. This setup allows complete flexibility in cleaning to your specific style. You can choose to rinse directly through the internal brush jets, the over the top rinse bar, or using the included T-adapter you can use both at once. The swiveling gooseneck allows the experienced professional to rock the brush back and forth on the surface of the window, while maintaining contact and rinsing power.

Made in USA

The Kit Includes:

  • Over the Top Rinse Bar
  • Swivel Neck
  • T-Adapter
  • 2 Longer Mounting Screws

*Brushes are not included, this is a brush add-on.


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