MicroFibre Cleaning

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Microfibre traps dust and other contaminants with very fine microscopic filaments. Microfibre cloths and mops can remove 99% of bacteria effortlessly, attracting dust and absorbing moisture. Use them dry or wet – these towels can pick up dirt and retain up to ten times its weight in water. Choose from different sizes and colours, or buy in bulk bags.

We carry heavy duty microfibre cloths that are safe to use on all surfaces. They leave a dry, polished, and streak-free clean without scratching or leaving behind lint. Microfibre towels can be used, washed, and re-used hundreds of times. Try a terry mitt that acts like a magnet to trap dust. The soft material can polish virtually any surface while picking up contaminants.

Our colour-coordinated microfibre cloths and mops make it easy to organize and separate for different uses. This allows facilities to eliminate cross-contamination between different areas and promote a more hygienic and clean work environment.