Tucker Window Cleaning

Several factors must be considered when choosing the right products for window cleaning. The goal is to find products that effectively remove dirt, grime, and streaks without leaving residue or causing damage to the windows.

At Clean Spot, we supply only top-of-the-line window cleaning products from Tucker.

We carry anything from hose reels, extension poles, DI resin to DI starter packages from Tucker!

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Tucker DI Starter Packages for Window Cleaning 

Tucker provides DI starter packages for window cleaning. Tucker starter packages has all you need to start from the #1 brand in water-fed window cleaning. This professional quality system is designed for areas with low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), or lite-use cleaners. 


Hose Reels for Window Cleaning

Hose reels by Tucker can provide numerous benefits for window cleaning tasks, including improved organization, enhanced mobility, hose protection, space-saving advantages, and a more professional appearance. 

With a hose reel, you can extend the reach of your hose to cover a larger area without having to move the water source physically. This is particularly useful for window cleaning in multi-story buildings. 


Extension Poles for Window Cleaning

Consider using an extension pole with your squeegee or cleaning tools if you have high or hard-to-reach windows. This will help you safely clean windows at various heights without the need for ladders or risky positions.


Top-of-the-Line Window Cleaning Products 

Other products to consider for window cleaning are microfiber cloths, squeegees and window cleaners. AT Clean Spot, we supply only top-of-the-line window cleaning products such as Tucker brands. 

Remember to read and follow the instructions provided with each product you use. Additionally, test any new product or solution on a small inconspicuous window area first to ensure compatibility and avoid potential damage.

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