Wet Mopping Supplies

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Find the mop tools you need to effectively capture soil and remove moisture from your floors. Choose from various mops, including cotton, synthetic yarn blend, rayon, cut end coloured mops, finish mops, looped mops, wall mops, and more.

The products we carry have excellent absorbency and are made from high quality material. We carry mops that can withstand harsh chemicals, semi-disposable mops for extra hygiene, and non-launderable mops at economical prices.

Browse our various mop buckets of different sizes, capacity, colours, and styles. Mops and buckets are a breeding ground for bacteria to grow. As a solution, we offer buckets that are easy to clean and sanitize, reducing germs and cross-contamination.

We carry commercial-grade mop wringers designed to ease the strain on workers. They reduce splashing, making for a safer environment and cleaner floors. We also carry quick-release mop handles for a more easy and simple cleaning process.