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Cleaning carts are an essential piece of equipment that all facilities can benefit from. Janitorial carts not only provide an excellent storage solution, but they make cleaning more productive. By storing the right tools such as cleaning chemicals, mops, brooms, garbage bags, cloths, and more, cleaning staff eliminate the need to go back and forth from the stockroom to different areas of the facility.

For large facilities such as hospitals, hotels, schools, and arenas, having pre-equipped carts sets a cleaning standard for all staff. A standardized cart makes it easier for the next staff rotation to begin their shift with everything they need. An organized cart also promotes a clean and professional image.

Moderns carts have additional features, such as locked storage for extra security, hooks for brooms and floor signs, heavy-duty zipper bags for trash or soiled cloths, and an extra caddy bag to store more cleaning tools and products.