Ice Melter


Freight applies to all ice melter orders. Contact our customer team for freight options.

Browse our selection of ice melt products specially formulated to be safe for pets, kids, and the environment. Our ice melters can be used to de-slick driveways, sidewalks, and other concrete surfaces without damaging your property.

Ice melters, sometimes called deicers, effectively lower the freezing point of water and liquifies packed ice and snow into slush. The formula prevents more ice from building up, which is crucial for the safety of all who use your facility or enter your property.

We also carry ice melter accessories, including bins made specifically for storing ice melters and spreaders that make applying the product easier. Ice melter bins help keep the product dry and are made of UV-resistant material for safe outdoor storage.

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Our ice melter products and accessories are a necessity for all facilities. Ensure the safety of your staff and guests this winter with ice melter products that make it easy to access after a snowstorm or cold front.

We carry ice melter bins in various sizes made of sturdy polyethylene. Contents inside are kept secure and dry and come with a movable tray to store gloves and salt spreaders.

We offer different types of ice melter products, including organic ice melters, window and mirror de-icer, liquid ice melters, and more. Our handi-spreaders make the process convenient and ensures an even spread.

Our ice melt professional The Chapin Spreader covers larger areas efficiently and safely. This machine comes with thick wheels to handle uneven and slippery terrain and a T-handle for a sturdy grip. We offer ice and snow accessories, including heavy-duty shovels, ice-chipper, steel and wood handled scrapers, and snow pushers.