Pro-Stat® Dust mop head 36″ x 5″ Blue Tie-On

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Pro-Stat Dust Mop Head 36″ X 5″ Blue Tie-On

  • Pro-Stat® picks up and holds dust particles and removes dust without the need for expensive dust mop treatments. Looped end construction prevents fraying and gives better pickup of soil and has a durable backing for repeated commercial launderings. It Is the economical choice for schools, office buildings, shopping centres, and warehouses and is available in multiple sizes for any type of dust mop application.

    Key Features

    • Tie-on backing for easy on/off of dust mop heads
    • Will not fray, tangle, unravel or lint
    • Made from durable blended yarn sewn into durable polyester backing
    • Available in blue & red


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