Hand Soap – Citrus Foam 1.2L x 2 (KC)

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Scott® Pro Foam Skin Cleanser with Moisturizers

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    Scott® Pro provides state of the art solutions to maximize productivity. Providing the right, hygienic supplies in the restroom is a priority for businesses – it shows your staff and visitors that you care enough to provide what they need. By providing Scott® Pro Liquid Hand Soap, you’re helping stop the spread of germs. This luxurious, moisturizing pink liquid foam soap has a subtle floral scent and comes in a sealed container. Because the dispenser is high-capacity, it’s a popular choice for use in washrooms in office buildings, healthcare environments, high-traffic areas, hospitality, lodging, commercial spaces and much more, saving you time and maintenance. The easy-to-load cassette is designed to be compatible with Kimberly-Clark dispensers, and the bottle is recyclable (after the pump is removed). Buy it in bulk so you’ll always have a refill and reduce the risk of running out. Providing this reliable hand soap helps give your guests what they need to stay clean and healthy. It’s the same Kleenex® quality, now Scott® branded.

    • Two 1.2 liter E-Cassette bottles per case
    • This foaming Scott® Pro Brand soap is an important step in the washroom experience and ideal for use in commercial, high-traffic areas
    • The sealed container keeps the liquid hand soap free of contaminants, and the bottle is recyclable (after pump is removed)
    • Use Scott® Pro Liquid Hand Soap with a compatible Kimberly-Clark Professional™ dispenser for consistent dispensing
    • The easy-to-load bulk cassette clicks right into place, simplifying your maintenance


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