Hoover Battery BackPack Vacuum 40v 6QT (Includes Battery & Charger)

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Compact, cordless and 25% lighter weight*, the HVRPWR™ 40V cordless backpack increases productivity by improving staff efficiency. Every new HVRPWR™ battery works with every HVRPWR™ cleaning product so you get a completely integrated cordless system that allows staff to seamlessly swap batteries. And at a 40% lower cost*, you won’t compromise your budget.

Works with HVRPWR™40V 6Ah Battery (CH27260) and HVRPWR™ 40V Fast Charger (CH07150)
* Battery and Charger sold separately

HVRPWR™40V System Designed for more mobility, and to be used by more
people on your staff.

25% Lighter Weight* Helps reduce fatigue over extended hours for quicker
more efficient cleaning.

Ergonomic Harness Ideal combination of power and performance helps
users clean more efficiently.

Quick Pass Cleaning Ideal combination of power and performance helps users clean more efficiently

* In a Class A office building compared to a corded upright vacuum based on ISSA’s 612 Cleaning Times & Tasks (2014), according to a time and motion study conducted by the American Institute for Cleaning Sciences (2019), available at Hoovercommercial.com. When compared with previous generations (40V Hushtone Cordless backpack (CH93406) based on weight with battery. When compared to the collective MSRP for the previous generation’s unit (40V Hushtone 6Q Cordless Backpack – #CH93406 or 40V Hushtone Cordless Upright – #CH95413), battery (HVRPWR 40V – #CH90040) and charger (HVRPWR Dual Bay Charger #CH90002). **with HVRPWR Battery CH27260

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