MicroFiber Cloth PUR – Red (Vileda)

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PURmicro the best of two worlds: PURmicro is a combination of a knitted, textile microfibre cloth with an additional PUR (polyurethane) layer which increases the rinsability and overall cleaning result. Conventional knitted microfibre cleaning cloths are good in capturing dirt particles but can be ineffective in releasing this dirt during rinsing in the bucket. The additional PUR layer in PURmicro only partially covers the microfibre, helping to release trapped dirt during rinsing whilst maintaining the well known microfibre cleaning performance. Only a bucket with cleaning solution is needed to achieve a super effective rinsing result. Hardly any particles are left in the cloth, that means also reducing the risk of scratching surfaces. Using PURmicro in your site can be a major contributor in maintaining the value of the building and its interiors. PURmicro advantages: Microfibre cleaning performance: PURmicro is made from state of the art microfibres, ensuring perfect cleaning results. Easy to rinse: After rinsing, PURmicro holds 40 times less particles in the cloth vs. knitted microfibre cloths. Streak free cleaning result: Less streaks, as PURmicro releases 50% less water on surfaces than knitted microfibre cloths. Life cycle costs: PURmicro is long lasting, laboratory tests found it was still usable after several hundred laundering cycles. Professional appearance: Different from knitted microfibre cloths, the PURmicro looks unstained even after a couple of weeks in use.


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