Mop Flat – 16″ Breakaway Frame

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This 40 cm collapsible plastic flat mop frame features an innovative design that allows the user to rinse and run a flat microfibre mop through a roller wringer to prevent over-soaking the floor. The hinged frame “collapses” with a simple foot tap, so that the mop can hang free to be dipped and wrung out in the bucket. Use with our non-Velcro Flat mops with grommet (items #60547, #60694 and #60695).

  • Plastic collapsible flat mop frame’s hinged design allows a non-Velcro flat mop to be rinsed and wrung out in a roller wringer, hands-free
  • For use with non-Velcro flat mops (see #60547, #60694 and #60695)


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