Mr Clean Professional Floor Cleaner 3.78L

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Mr. Clean Floor Cleaner is a powerful floor cleaner liquid that removes tough ground-in dirt and preserves shine. Mr. Clean multi surface cleaner can be used on ceramic and vinyl tile, terrazzo flooring, and varnished hardwoods. This versatile floor cleaning product makes cleaning easy because it penetrates and dissolves tough grease and dirt on contact. It removes up to 59% more particulate soils than the leading competitor and is designed to extend life between scrub and recoat.

  • Mr. Clean Finished Floor Cleaner dissolves and removes tough ground-in dirt from finished floors without leaving a dulling residue
  • This multi purpose cleaner delivers shine to floors and extends time between strips by effectively removing grimy soils
  • Contains ingredients that cause the rapid collapse of its suds, making it an excellent choice for use in automatic floor-scrubbing machines
  • Removes up to 59% more particulate soils than leading competitor
  • Can be used as an all purpose cleaner for a variety of surfaces, including walls, tables, countertops and restrooms
  • Bulk Liquid Concentrate Cleaner Degreases and Removes Dirt from Hardwood, Tile or Terrazo Floors in Hotels, Restaurants and Businesses


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