Post Wash 4/L

$84.00 $75.60

Eco-Tech, Premium Quality, Made in Canada, compare with the leading brand and see the value.

Post Wash bleach neutralizer is designed to be used on various surfaces post wash to neutralize SH/bleach from harming plants, grass, windows, trim, and to rinse out equipment to protect and prevent damage or rust.

Uses: Neutralize SH and salts. For use on all surfaces, plants, soils, and equipment for post wash.

  Low SH Mixes Higher SH Mixes
Batch Mix 0.5 L (18 oz) per 200 L (50 G) 1 L (35 oz) per 200 L (50 G)
Proportioner Systems 1-2 on Dial 3-4 on Dial
X Jet Systems 0.25 L (9 oz) per 20 L (5 G) 0.5 L (18 oz) per 20 L (5 G)
Down-Streamer 0.5 L (18 oz) per 20 L (5 G) 1 L (35 oz) per 20 L (5 G)
Pump Sprayers 0.15 L (4 oz) per 4 L (1 G) 0.25 L (9 oz) pe



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