Squeeze Deluxe Window Cleaning Concentrate – 16 oz.

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Happy drops for your windows. Drops that feel like the joy of the dawning of a new day.

Squeeze Deluxe is a detergent for washing windows, specially developed for the professional window washer. The unique cap and composition with a pleasant smell allows to apply directly onto your sleeve. Also available in 5L refill with pouring spout.

In order to reduce our environmental footprint and your spend, we reviewed this product.
The new formula is now almost 90% biologically decomposable within 28 days.
60% of all components are plant – or coming from renewable origin.
Apply a few drops directly onto your window washer for shining results, leaves no residue and enables window cleaners to clean multiple glass surfaces with a streak free finish.
It’s unique composition effortlessly removes dirt fast and effectively without irritating sensitive skin.

  • 500 ml / 5 L
  • concentrated – low dilution
  • unique cap
  • upside down without dripping
  • squeeze bottle to dose
  • for best result, use directly onto the sleeve


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