Towel – Scott Slimroll 580′ x 6rolls – White

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Scott® Control Slimroll Towels

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UNIT SIZE 8.0″ x 580′
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    Scott® Control provides enhanced hygiene solutions for critical environments. Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean that you should have to sacrifice the convenience of a high-capacity paper towel system! The Scott® Slimroll Paper Towels are a true breakthrough in touchless hard roll technology, proving that good things do come in small, high-performance packages. It lets you use a roll towel dispenser in places you didn’t think possible, like right next to the sink, in a break room, compact offices or at a small nurses’ station. With this slim commercial system, you get 8 inches by 580 feet of absorbent, soft recycled paper towels (that’s 696 sheets per roll), so you’ll need to change the roll less frequently. In addition, these wholesale towels are specially designed to fit with compatible Kimberly-Clark Professional™ dispensers that allow your employees and guests to pull what they need to dry their hands without touching the dispenser or any other towels. Proper hand washing is still the best way to reduce germs – thorough drying with paper towels can reduce germs by 77%.

    • 580 feet of paper towels per roll
    • Scott® Control Slimroll Paper Towels fit in compact spaces you never imagined possible
    • High capacity in a compact roll for less maintenance time, run-outs and complaints
    • These paper towels are highly absorbent so you may use less and waste less
    • Scott® Slimroll Paper Towels come in small cases for easy storage and handling and are for use only with compatible Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Slimroll Dispensers


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