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SensaMist® Scent Diffuser | Wall Powered S100

The magic of scent made simple. The SensaMist® Scent Diffuser Wall Powered Scent Diffuser provides an enhanced visitor experience in a number of locations with a non-aerosol fragrance delivery system.

Interior environments are enhanced with unique fragrances utilizing our leading fragrance technology. An ideal aircare solution for hotels, casinos, gyms, homes, retail spaces and hospitality venues, among many others.


  • Using unique fragrance oils, each fragrance can be programmed to last according to location preferences.
  • Improve the ambience in many public locations such as hotels & retail spaces.
  • The SensaMist® Scent Diffuser utilizes advanced atomizer technology to create a fine mist of fragrance. This maximizes coverage performance and concentration.
  • Powered, virtually silent operation.
  • Fragrances contain Airadicate® malodor counteractant & odor neutralizer to help stop bad odors.


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