Yukon Gold – 31 Ice Melter 20kg [M68]

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High-end performance

  • Contains Calcium Chloride the best Ice Melter ingredient best combination of speed and duration in ice melting.
  • Generates heat and brine quickly for a synergistic effect to make other ingredients perform better and improves effective temperature of Yukon Gold to – 31ºC.
  • Safe to use: Calcium Chloride is used extensively in the environment by highways departments for de-icing and dust control (gravel roads); it is also used as fertilizer in agriculture, and as a food additive a safe and proven ingredient.

INDIGO soluble marker

  • Environmentally inert Blue marker shows were product is applied and reduces incidence of over-application.
  • Dye is water-soluble and UV sensitive dye leaves no color residue on concrete or flooring.

Zip-Lock re-sealable bag (20 kg bag)

  • Easy re-sealing prevents spills and preserves product.

Safe to use Ice Melter

  • Yukon Gold will not harm vegetation, properly air-entrained concrete or pets when used as directed. Beware of ice melter brands that claim complete safety to plants. Any Ice Melter can harm plants with over application.
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