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PWP Package

If you’re new to the world of water-fed or you’re just looking for a package to help you boost your game, we’ve got you covered. These Pure Water Power Packages allow you to select the perfect system and pole to fulfill your window cleaning needs. When deciding on the right setup, there are many factors to consider including the job type or your location’s TDS. Below, we will break down each system and pole to help make your decision an easy one.

When choosing between a DI tank versus a multi-stage system, there are a few things to consider right away. First, you’ll want to figure out what the TDS is in the area you’ll be cleaning in. The lower the TDS, the softer water you have, and the lower your purification system cost can be. A higher TDS means the water is harder, and that a multistage system would be most beneficial. You’ll also want to think about how often you will be using your system, how high you need it to reach, and what job types you need it for such as residential windows, commercial windows, or solar panel cleaning.

The water purification process of a DI tank and a multi-stage system are very different. DI tanks undergo a one-stage filtration system called deionization, which is a process that eliminates minerals from the water through resin. A multi-stage system is a bit more complex. The PWP line of multi-stage systems uses a four-stage filtration system. First, the incoming water supply undergoes filtration through the sediment filter to eliminate rust and large solids. Next, the water then passes through the carbon filter, effectively removing chlorine. The chlorine-free water is then processed through the RO membrane, employing Reverse Osmosis, which eliminates 98% of TDS. Finally, the deionization (DI) stage filters the water once more to reduce the TDS level to 0.

The PWP Package lets you choose between five different pure water systems. Select from the PWP DI Tank, Single RO/DI, Double RO/DI, Little Beast, and Solar Beast systems. Below, read up on each system and discover the unique qualities of each.

Choosing the right water-fed pole can be a difficult decision to make. When browsing your options, keep in mind how high you’ll need your pole to extend, whether you’ll be using it for residential or commercial work, and how often you’ll be using it.

All of our poles feature bolt-on clamps that can easily be replaced if damage occurs. These durable clamps are easy to operate and securely hold extended sections in place as you clean. The end of each pole includes a plastic end defender to prevent possible wear and tear caused by gravel, pavement, or other rough surfaces.

You’ll get an on/off valve that lets you control the flow of water when you need it the most and a quick connect push-to-fit set to connect everything to your purification system seamlessly.

They also come with a 16-inch PWP Hybrid Brush. These powerful brushes come equipped with the Fast Lock system and feature four powerful pencil jets to effectively rinse away dirt and grime.

With four water-fed pole varieties to choose from, select between the PWP Hybrid, Carbon Fiber, High Mod Carbon Fiber, and Kevlar options. Check out the descriptions below to learn more about each.


PWP Single RO/DI System

The Pure Water Power Single RO/DI stands out as an affordable and high-quality water-fed system, ensuring great results for your clients’ windows. With a four-stage water purification process, this system not only guarantees exceptional quality but also elevates the efficiency of your work.

Operating at heights of up to 50 feet with a source pressure of 50 PSI, this water-fed system can generate between .5 and 1 gallons per minute.

The system is equipped with sturdy brass quick connections and standard garden hose fittings. Additionally, a stainless steel RO housing protects the 40-inch membrane, while durable plastic casings shield the 10-inch sediment, carbon, and DI filters, ensuring long-lasting reliability.


  • Length: 50″
  • Width: 20″
  • Height: 15″
  • Weight: 75 lbs


  • DI Cartridge: 10″
  • Carbon Filter: 10″
  • Sediment Filter: 10″
  • RO Membrane: 40″


  • GPM: Between .5 and 1 GPM at 50 PSI


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