Waterfed Poles & Purifiers

Waterfed Poles and Purifiers significantly enhance window cleaning by combining safety with efficiency. They allow for high-reaching and comprehensive cleaning from the ground, drastically minimizing the risk associated with ladder use. The employment of purified, deionized water eliminates the necessity for harsh chemicals, promoting an eco-friendly approach. 

This method guarantees a spotless, streak-free finish as it leaves no residue on windows, ensuring not only the cleanliness but also the longevity of the shine. These tools provide a faster, safer, and environmentally responsible window cleaning experience, ensuring client and worker satisfaction.

You can find only top-of-the-line supplies and equipment for professional window cleaning at Clean Spot. We carry everything you’ll need from extension poles, scrapers & bladers, waterfed poles & purifiers to squeegees & brushes! 

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The Waterfed Window Cleaning Process

Waterfed window cleaning is an advanced method that ensures windows up to 90 feet high are immaculately cleaned without leaving the ground. This technique employs purified water, effectively removing most contaminants or total dissolved solids. The purification process involves passing tap water through a specialized water purification system. 

The purified water is then channelled through a water-fed pole (WFP) and brush specifically designed for this purpose. As the brush works to remove stubborn dirt and grime from the glass surface, the purified water concurrently rinses the windows. This eliminates all the contaminants and guarantees a spot-free, pristine finish, underscoring the efficacy of waterfed window cleaning.

Benefits of Waterfed Pole Window Cleaning

The Water Fed Pole (WFP) system revolutionizes window cleaning by promoting safety and efficiency. Clean tall windows from the ground, reaching up to 8 stories, making it accessible and easy for companies to adopt. The WFP system streamlines the cleaning process, allowing for the simultaneous cleaning of windows and frames while minimizing setup and tear-down time.  

Its lightweight design reduces physical strain and eliminates the need for ladders, lowering risks and insurance costs. Using only purified water it’s eco-friendly and ensures longer-lasting, spot-free window cleanliness while maintaining customer privacy and boosting overall profitability by cutting costs. Contact us to learn more about waterfed poles and purifiers.

Window Cleaning With Clean Spot 

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