nLITE Carbon 24K, 6 sections, 8,6m/28′

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Cleaning safely from the ground has never been this powerful. Unger’s Generation 2 nLITE® waterfed pole system exemplifies innovation and high quality. Pure water is the fastest and most efficient way to clean outdoor glass surfaces and Unger’s lightweight and rigid nLITE® Carbon waterfed poles keep workers safe on the ground.

  • No twisting: trouble-free work and less wear and tear
  • Optimal stability-to-weight ratio
  • Greater pole rigidity
  • More precise control of the cleaning movement

Telescopic pole for medium heights. Premium carbon fibers in a unique weave of 24,000 fibers per bundle.

  • Main 6-section Pole used with 4-section Extension Pole recommended for working heights of up to 52.5 ft.
  • Telescopic 2-section Pole recommended for working heights up to 33 ft.
  • Resilience: 210 GPa (gigapascal)
  • Available in 2, 4 and 6 sections


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