Restoration Cleaning Supplies

Safer and Better

Clean Spot carries Bioesque® Solutions, a brand established with the principle of providing safer and more effective alternative restoration cleaning supplies!

The aggressive, hazardous chemicals employed in numerous commercial environments might have individual approval for usage, yet their collective impact could be exceedingly detrimental. With Thymox® at the core of Bioesque® Solutions, each solution offers engineered to function synergistically, echoing the harmony found in nature.

Usher in a new era of disinfecting and cleaning as Clean Spot encourages you to go with Bioesque® products as they signify a safer, superior method for disinfection and cleaning.

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Thymox® Technology Formula For Restoration Cleaning Supplies

Thymox® Technology, a potent botanical formula with robust antimicrobial properties and cleaning effectiveness, lies at the heart of Clean Spot’s range of restoration equipment and supplies with Bioesque® Solutions.

Thymox champions environmental sustainability, demonstrating non-toxic, non-corrosive, and biodegradable characteristics. Its active ingredient, Thymol, originates from natural thyme oil, making it a direct extract from the plant. Embrace an eco-friendly approach to cleaning with Bioesque® restoration cleaning supplies!

Restoration Cleaning Supplies With Clean Spot

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