Hand Sanitizer

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Hand Sanitizer

At Clean Spot, the hand sanitizer products we supply are regulated and approved by Health Canada as safe for public use. Each product contains at least 60% alcohol, the amount the CDC specifies for effectively killing germs and bacteria. Our industrial-grade hand sanitizers are formulated to kill germs and reduce the spread of illnesses.

Hand sanitizers are a quick and convenient alternative for cleaning hands when soap and water are not accessible. We recommend placing a hand sanitizing station or hand sanitizer dispenser in entryways, reception areas, high-touch places such as elevators and stairs, cash registers and ATMs, and directly outside of restrooms.

Choose from a variety of hand sanitizer products, including individual bottles, dispenser refills, and bulk containers. Providing hand sanitizer in various areas of your facility encourages customers and employees to use them and enhances the health and safety of your business.