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We carry industrial sweepers, vacuums, scrubbers, floor machines, steamers, and carpet extractors designed specifically for commercial, industrial, or large retail spaces. We offer many different types of equipment and top-of-the-line brands to meet your cleaning needs. If you have a specific application, we can recommend the right solution.

Choosing the right equipment and model can save your business time and money. Large facilities can benefit from ride-on machines that quickly and effectively cover a substantial amount of space. Backpack vacuums offer convenience, added comfort, and increased safety of workers by eliminating the need to drag heavy canisters through the facility.

High-powered machines made for heavy-duty performance simplifies the cleaning process. Commercial-grade cleaning equipment eases the workload of employees, which in turn increases productivity and boosts the morale of your cleaning staff. Commercial cleaning equipment gets the job done efficiently and positively impacts your bottom line.